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Who we are

Welcome to StarClub. We are simplifying the way celebrities and global brands manage their social media allowing them to monetize and collect data from their legions of followers. The patented StarClub technology is the first turnkey solution for converting online fans into returning customers and unlocking new and sustainable revenue streams.




Take back what’s rightfully yours.

- Bernhard Fritsch -

What we do


StarClub partners with celebrities and brands to invest in and produce high quality, socially engaging content for their specific audience. From user generated to premium branded material, content is always king.


StarClub provides a next generation white label technology designed to syndicate content across existing social media networks, on all devices, to reach an entire audience wherever they are and allows celebrities and brands to get closer to their audience than ever before.


The StarClub platform maximizes revenue potential for each channel by leveraging techniques including video and display advertising, PPV, e-commerce, gamification, virtual currency and executes branded content campaigns.


StarClub’s StarStats™ platform provides celebrities and brands with their audience data from across all their social media networks as well as through SC’s pioneering data mining technology that optimizes social engagement and maximizes revenue streams.

Innovation is creativity with a job to do.

- John Emmerling -

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We work with the top talent in the world. Get in touch if you're interested in a channel.


StarClub, Inc.

228 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401


p: 310-458-8822